This series was so needed and so perfect for this time! Last week we had such a great time chatting with Ashley and this week we will keep the fun going with a new amazing woman. Read on to learn more about this week's guest on the Live Love Inspire series!

I want to invite you to the Live Love Inspire Series on The Stationery Muse YouTube channel. In a time where we are all feeling so lost, I want us to come together and find a place to relate, bond, and get to know inspiring women. 

I created this series to spotlight women who inspire me in my life. They will come on and have an interview-style chat with us as we get to know their story and their walk through womanhood. We want to see you there!

The Live Love Inspire series will be every Thursday this month at 8:00 pm Eastern Time LIVE on The Stationery Muse channel. 

So our very first amazing LLI Series guest is...

Jesus Lover,  Wife, Mama of 4, Creator, Trift-Loving Fashionista

Read a little more about her below:
I'm a Jesus loving chica. Wife of 8 years to my best friend Nathaniel. Mama to 4 incredible boys Noah, Uriah, Ezrah, Solomon & have a plus 1 brother son Xavier. I’m a creator & thrift loving fashionista that also dabbles in photography with a huge heart for ministry.
I’m a 20 something year old California girl traveling the world as an Air Force wife. I love all things family & cultivating healthy friendships, sisterhood is everything! I dabble in many things but my truest hope is that with all that I do & everywhere the Air Force sends us people will see Jesus in my life & feel loved whenever they’re in my presence.
Follow and Support her:
Social Media: @xojalyssa and @xothreadsvintage

I am so excited to chat with Jalyssa and see how she inspires us to be better women. I truly hope this series will give you a place to come and hang out each week. 

Above all, my wish is that it will give you hope and encouragement with anything you may be facing in your life. We will see you Thursday!

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