When you feel like all hope is gone; come together.

These days have been difficult, full of so much negativity, sadness, anger, and uncertainty. My purpose is to always uplift and inspire women to go for what they want in their lives. Even more, I strive to make sure that you feel that you are enough to make these things happen. I can relate to this so much as it's something I constantly battle with as I pursue new things in my life. 

I've been working on something that I'm hoping can help to lift your spirits and encourage you to pursue all that you dream of.

I want to invite you to the Live Love Inspire Series on The Stationery Muse YouTube channel.

In a time where we are all feeling so lost, I want us to come together and find a place to relate, bond, and get to know inspiring women. 

I created this series to spotlight women who inspire me in my life. They will come on and have an interview-style chat with us as we get to know their story and their walk through womanhood. We want to see you there!

The Live Love Inspire series will be every Thursday this month at 8:00 pm Eastern Time LIVE on The Stationery Muse channel. 

So our very first amazing LLI Series guest is...

Box Opener (lol I can explain this one), Freedom Seeker, Writer, Friend, Conversation Starter/Question Queen

Ashley R. Wright is dedicated to helping others reach their healing and wholeness. She's an advocate for self-discovery and uses journal writing to help people explore their thoughts and feelings. Ashley recently published her first written work--a journal--in which she hopes to give women who are waiting for marriage a different take on their time of waiting.  A lover of movies, food, great books, and tik tok and believes in the power of conversation. 
Follow and Support her:
Social Media: @ulovearw and @strokesoffreedom
Dear Future Husband: The Waiting Space Journal (check this out it's amazing!)

I am so excited to chat with Ashley and to see what change she evokes in our lives. I truly hope this series will give you a place to come and hang out each week. 

Above all, my wish is that it will give you hope and encouragement with anything you may be facing in your life. We will see you Thursday!

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